Around Perth

Covering one third of the Australian continent, Western Australia provides a totally different flavour of the Australian culture. With Perth being the only large city of over a million people on the entire West Coast, most of the state’s land area covering over 2.5 million square kilometers, is preserved in it’s pristine and natural form as it was always intended to be.

Sun, Sand and Sea

Nestled next to the Indian, Perth has more than 80 km of stunning coastline lined with sandy white beaches. Whether is it a day trip out to Rottnest Island or riding the waves at Scarborough Beach, you will be sure to find somewhere to lay back and enjoy the stunning sunsets.


Trails and Adventure

Take a trip to the wild side of Western Australia and see the amazing sights Nature has to offer. From the wild flower fields of the outback to the manicured lawns of King’s Park, and the flowing falls in Marrinup, each is a walk to remember.


Food and Wine

Less than 30 min away from Perth is the famed Swan Valley, Western Australia’s oldest wine region. Savour the best that the region has to offer when you follow the Food and Wine Trail, or seek out your own gourmet adventure.


History and Heritage

Immerse in the past when you explore the rich history of Perth and the surrounding areas of Freemantle. Also learn about Aboriginal culture and how the past has merged with the present.



In need of retail therapy? Perth has it all! From niche boutiques to value for buck outlets, you will be sure to shop till your heart’s content.



Perth is not all work and serious business. Party or chill the night away with some of the most happening venues in town.